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A little child there is yborn

Price: 1.95

(SATB & piano/keyboard) words: Anon 16thc music: Douglas Coombes
With Christmas in mind, this is a very lively setting of a 16th century macaronic text (Latin and English) for mixed voices. Typical of Douglas Coombes, it makes great use of changing time signatures which adds to the celebratory and dance-like nature of the piece. This is anything but stodgy!

Bethlehem Calls

Bethlehem Calls

Price: 1.95

traditional Korean melody with new words & arranged by Douglas Coombes

This is a lovely reflective piece, allowing opportunities for lots of expressive singing. The pentatonic melody has a Far Eastern feel, and with these new Christmas words, in English, provides a great new addition to Christmas repertoire. All parts lie well within the vocal ranges. Straightforward piano accompaniment.

Bridges Not Walls

Bridges not walls
by James Robertson
SATB Choir and Piano/Keyboard
Price £2.25

This soft-rock-style piece was written for the Lauderdale Community Choir, of which James Robertson is the musical director. He also wrote the words which send out a message of togetherness, no matter who you are or where you come from. Indeed, annual royalties from the sale of this music go to Scottish Refugee Council. Leaving aside the altruistic nature of the song, the words are secular, with the music being on the lighter side and is also thoroughly ‘inspirational’ and would be suitable for just about any occasion – including acts of worship. Singers of all ages will be able to cope with the limited vocal range – the sopranos have a final top ‘E’ (a twelfth above middle ‘C’) and the basses go no lower than ‘E’ for a single note. The piece alternates between D and E major and all the parts lie in the comfortable mid-range of each voice. There is a little solo work specified, but choirs without soloists may care to interpret this as ‘a small group’ instead of ‘solo’ in the sopranos and altos, while the tenors and basses hum and ‘oo’ in the background. This is a guaranteed ‘feel-good’ winner.

Brightest & Best (of the sons of the morning)

Price: 1.95

Douglas Coombes
SATB Choir & piano/keyboard This is a brand new setting of well-loved Words (by Bishop R. Heber). The melody is broad and flowing ­ ideal material for a Christmas concert, it was originally commissioned for performance in the USA for just such an occasion. Choirs will enjoy this satisfying piece and audiences will find it immediately appealing. Accompaniment quite straightforward.
Orchestral accompaniment also available ON HIRE.
Chorus for Everyone by Bette Gray-Fow

Chorus for Everyone by Bette Gray-Fow

Price: 9.95

An approach to choral singing through fun and effective warm-ups & pieces, which help everyone to sing & sound good

Starting from the premise that everyone would like to be able to sing together with others, and do it well, Bette Gray-Fow explains her approach to singing with groups of all ages and experience. She does not avoid the thorny problem of 'technique' and has uncovered and explained some of its mysteries, sufficient to enable singers to improve what they are doing, and thereby, gain greater enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. Her work is a layered approach from firm foundations, maintaining that it is not always necessary or desirable to use printed music in the early stages. Nevertheless, this book does contain 4 choral pieces (which may be photocopied) and various warm-up and preparatory exercises and the reasons why they are recommended. Most of all, they are fun with bags of 'street cred'.

44 pages + cover ISBN 0 85957 050 9

Come and join the dance

Come and join the dance
Come and join the dance a choral cycle of 8 songs - SATB with piano accompaniment by Douglas Coombes

The title of this cycle is taken from 'The Whiting and the Snail', the first song in the collection. Though onceived for performance as a cycle, each song stands alone for individual performance. All songs are well contrasted with rhythmic passages interposed with lyricism, and visit the blues and the tango along the way. Poems by Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Shakespeare, Vachel Lindsay and the much encountered 'Anon'. Moderate difficulty level.
Commissioned by St May's Singers of Potton, Bedfordshire.
Price: 5.95

Dona Nobis Pacem

Price: 1.75

Music Douglas Coombes
A most moving anthem with keyboard accompaniment - in Latin. Suitable for many thoughtful moments. A new setting of these well-known Words - tuneful, of moderate difficulty. Premiered in April 1999 by the Soong Eui Methodist Gloria Choir, Inchon, S. Korea.

Dona Nobis Pacem - CD

Price: 7.50

CD containing this anthem, recorded by Suwon Civic Chorale which also contains MASS: Coombes

Hot Hallelujah (SATB)

Price: 2.25

Douglas Coombes [after G.F.Handel based on Hallelujah Chorus]
SATB with keyboard accompaniment, of moderate difficulty, but of maximum excitement, this re-working of Handel's best-known chorus by Douglas Coombes will have your audiences rocking in the aisles! There is a strong rock-gospel feel about this piece which choirs will love performing. The accompaniment works well on piano, but lends itself to electronic keyboard treatment too. A favourite at home and overseas.

Hot Hallelujah reviewed
Ever heard of Breezy Bach? Well this is a kind of Hurricane Handel. Using Handel's chorus "Hallelujah", Coombes has created a rock-style variation in 3 editions (SSA, SATB, TTBB).It starts deceptively calmly before breaking into a frenzy of syncopated "Hallelujahs" insterspersed with bits of the original. The piano accompaniment, although notated, is intended to be used freely, taking the notes supplied as a guide. A useful encore if you need one. Stephen Pusey - Sheet Music magazine

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

Price: 1.75

Words; Charles Wesley, music: Douglas Coombes
These well-known Words have been brought right into the 20th century with this brand new SATB setting by Douglas Coombes. There is some division within the parts, and the rhythm drives the piece along. The outer verses have a fanfare-like quality with a beautifully contrasting, lyrical third verse. Douglas Coombes has reverted to the original version of the Words, reinstating the couplets into the position in which Charles Wesley first put them and restored a verse making 4 in all. A superb opener to any carol festival.
S.A.T.B. & piano/organ.

In Paradisum from Requiem

Price: 1.75

by Douglas Coombes
This is a single movement of profound beauty and emotion. The choral writing is of moderate difficulty, but the music speaks powerfully.
In Latin with piano/organ accompaniment.
Orchestral accompaniment also available ON HIRE
CD of UK premiere performance (live) of complete REQUIEM: Coombes now available price £7.50(inc.VAT)

Infancy of Christ, The (SATB)

Price: 4.95

by Douglas Coombes
This is a continuous piece in which the story of the Annunciation right through to the flight from Egypt is told in 9 choral movements, linked with music and narration. The narration is based on chapters 1 & 2 from Matthew & Luke (New Testament) and the texts for the choral movements are traditional, 15th century and also by the composer himself.

The SATB edition was completed shortly after the original SSA version was created. Larry Dorminy, a church music director in Pennsylvania, USA, a close friend of the composer, was staying at Douglas Coombes' home and on hearing the work, immediately asked Douglas to make the SATB version. He then performed it with his church choir shortly after the SSA world premiere was done, in December 2000. In the SATB performance, it actually formed part of the Christmas Eve service and was acted-out in a series of tableaux while the choir and narrator performed the music. Duration 30 minutes.
For Narrator, SATB Choir & keyboard (organ/piano).

Joy to the World

Price: 1.50

music attr.G.F.Handel, Words: Isaac Watts, arr: Douglas Coombes
This is a useful arrangement for combining varied choral forces - junior and secondary or children and adults. Works well with piano or organ but orchestral parts are available on hire if forces demand. for Sop.solo (or small group of trebles).
SATB choir & keyboard/organ

King of Glory, King of Peace

Price: 1.75

music Douglas Coombes
This SATB anthem with piano/organ is a beautiful setting of Words by George Herbert, suitable for many occasions within the Christian calendar. Written for Central Presbyterian Church, Downingtown, Pa., USA, it is very grateful to perform and not too demanding of rehearsal time with the parts lying well within each vocal range.
L'il Liza Jane

L'il Liza Jane

Price: 1.95

traditional North American folk song arranged by Douglas Coombes
SATB with piano/keyboard accompaniment
(orchestral accompaniment also available on hire)

This is a real fun piece. If you want something to lift the mood, this is just the thing. It's as if the choir is having a party right there in concert. The straightforward arrangement incorporates clapping, glissandi and stomping - as if in a square dance. Written for a community choir, St. Mary's Singers, Potton, Bedfordshire, England as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, this is a highly accessible and rewarding arrangement.

Lord of our Life

Price: 1.75

Words Philip Pusey
music by Douglas Coombes
After the devastating events which took place in New York City, Washington DC and in the skies over Pennsylvania USA on 11 September 2001, Douglas Coombes was moved to contribute in some way to the healing of his many friends in that country.
As "merely a composer", on coming across Lord of our life by Philip Pusey (1799-1855) he was immediately stirred to compose a setting, which he dedicated and gave to those friends, music directors and churches in the USA with whom he had close associations. This anthem is now available to all.
Easy/Moderate difficulty with piano/organ/keyboard accompaniment.

Mary's Carol

Price: 1.75

Words and music Kathleen Dodds
A beautiful lilting carol which is ideal for combining young voices with an adult mixed voice choir, or as originally intended, for a small group of treble voices or a solo with SATB choir. Written in a melodic style with full, broad harmony - a real "winner" with instant appeal yet has a depth which rewards study.
1-3 Solo voices [or unison] with SATB choir & piano.


Price: 7.50

music Douglas Coombes
Written for the French choral society 'Collegium de Senlis' this is a dramatic new setting of the Mass [Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus & Agnus Dei]. Duration approx. 40 minutes. A substantial work for mixed choir. Plenty of rhythmic drive with melodic beauty from one of Britain's best-known choral writers. A small amount of sub-division mainly within the soprano part. Rewarding to work at and to perform.
SATB soli, SATB choir & orchestra <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Latin'/> Price: vocal score £5.95. Orchestral parts on hire only.
CD by Suwon Civic Chorale (with piano accompaniment only) now available price £7.50 (inc.VAT) - also contains separate anthem DONA NOBIS PACEM: Coombes

Comments from performers & audience:
"Eminently approachable style and from the orchestra's point of view, very playable." Janet Hicks, orchestra leader.

"The Mass was exciting, passionate and every note, compulsive listening". Robert McArthur, Chairman Stevenage Arts Guild.

"Everyone involved in both orchestra & choir thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing this lovely work, which hugely rewards listener and performer alike". Trevor Hughes, Musical Director, Stevenage Music Society.

"I wanted to personally express my admiration for the religious and musical beauty of your Mass". Jacques Grimaux, member of Collegium de Senlis.

"One of the many things that drew me to your Mass was its spirituality - even the non-Christians in the group grasped how well the text is served". Robert J. Reilley, director The Mastersingers of Philadelphia. USA.

Listen to a performance click

Nova, nova

Price: 1.95

by Douglas Coombes. This is an exciting, yet easily accessible new setting of the Annunciation Carol which can involve your audience too. For SATB chorus, piano/keyboard and optional audience participation, this was written to a commission from director Jeremy Lee Briggs for the Round Mountain Schools and the Sound Waves Community Choir, Nevada, USA, and will put a spring into your Carol concerts with clapping in the refrain and key-changes from Dm to Ebm and finally Em and a driving rhythm throughout. Excitement a-plenty!

O Little Town of Bethlehem (SATB)

Price: 1.95

Words Bishop Phillips Brooks, music Douglas Coombes
This is a brand new tune to well known Words. The melody is written in an up-to-date style and has great tenderness, reverence and beauty. It will quickly become a favourite with singers and audiences.
SATB with piano part (also suitable for electronic keyboard) is of moderate difficulty.
Orchestral accompaniment also available ON HIRE.

On This The Night Of The Advent

Price: 1.75

by Walter G. Edmonds
There seems to be a general shortage of Advent material, and this will be a welcome addition to current repertoire. Walter Edmonds is an American church musician who runs a vigorous programme of music in his church in Maryland, USA. This carol has been used as an opener in his Christmas concerts for a couple of years and is extremely well-loved by his choirs and audiences. Now, for the very first time, it is available for a wider public. There is also an orchestral accompaniment - available in hire only. Duration 5 minutes.
SATB Choir & keyboard.

Psalm 148 [Maia Canticle No.5] (Praise Ye the Lord from the Heavens)

Price: 1.95

music Douglas Coombes
A joyous setting, ideal for larger combinations of singers. Suitable for celebratory occasions. Competent pianist required. Duration about 5 minutes.
SA, SATB & Piano

Raise High the Song

Raise High the Song

Price: 7.95

music by Douglas Coombes
(SATB with piano/keyboard accompaniment)
A choral cycle of seven songs about birds
This cycle uses words by Thomas Heywood (c1575-c1650), William Blake (1757-1827), Alexander Wilson (1766-1813), Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and traditional folk poetry from the UK and the USA. Musically, it is not too difficult for the singers, and ranges in style from reflective (in close harmony) to the rhythmic and sheer good fun, via the highly dramatic second movement ‘A Robin Redbreast in a cage’. The piano accompaniment offers some challenges, but most amateur choirs will be able to take on this work with pleasing results.
Duration approx: 25 minutes


Price: 6.95

music Douglas Coombes
This full-length choral work (duration approximately 1hr 15min) is the result of a commission from 'The Mastersingers of Philadelphia' (USA), who, enamoured of Douglas Coombes' work, having performed his Mass (see above), asked him to write a new work for them. They gave the world premiere in December 1997, the British premiere having taken place in July 1999. All of the movements of the Mass are included with the addition of 'Libera Me' and a final 'In Paradisum' which brings this monumental work to a peaceful and serene conclusion. Douglas Coombes exploits the full dramatic and emotional content of the Latin Words; driving, rhythmic passages contrast with melodies of exquisite beauty and invention.
For SATB soloists, SATB choir & orchestra <Actinic:Variable Name = 'Latin'/>. Vocal score price £6.95
CD of UK premiere performance (live) available price £10 (inc.VAT)

The orchestral parts for "Requiem" are available on hire only. A perusal miniature score is available on loan.

Orchestration: Flute (doubling Picc)
Horn F
2 Trumpets
Perc I (Glock; Tub.Bells; Xylo)
Perc II (B.Drum; Cym; Gong; S.Drum; Tambourine; Triangle; Vibraslap)
SATB soloists
SATB chorus

At the UK premier given by "Amici" in Taunton, Somerset, (July 3rd 1999) the following review appeared:-
"The music breathed intelligence and sympathy in every line, with a constant and daring flux of style, texture and harmony. It is a piece for real musicians and at the liquid heart of the work - the Lacrymosa and Pie Jesu - voices of transcendant beauty assailed us. I will also take away the memory of a chilling whispered "Requiem", a shouted "Sanctus" and a weird upward-rushing "Hosanna" quite beyond the normal scope of choral music." Brendan Ashe.

PIE JESU (from Requiem)

Price: 1.75

by Douglas Coombes
SATB with piano / organ / keyboard Douglas Coombes This separate movement from Douglas Coombes' 'Requiem' is for chorus without soloists. Wonderfully melodic yet reverent, the broad melodic lines demand sustained singing. A truly beautiful piece ­ reflective and yearning in character. Suitable at reflective moments during church services or a great contrast piece in concert.
Price £1.50. Orchestral accompaniment also available ON HIRE.
CD of UK premiere performance (live) of complete REQUIEM:

Snow in the valley

Price: 1.95

words: John Emlyn Edwards
music: Douglas Coombes
If you want something different for your Christmas concert, this short a cappella piece is certainly worth looking at. The words draw upon Inuit mythology in its references, yet is clearly about the birth of Christ. The song is tuneful and tonal and was originally arranged for a small ensemble of mixed voices, but it works equally with larger choirs. Douglas Coombes exploits the rhythmic possibilities suggested by the words to create drive, contrasting with legato melodies.
Duration 2’.30”


Price: 9.95

10 folksongs arranged for flexible combination of voices by Douglas Coombes
S.A.B [or S.S.A.A.(T).B.] We have all seen mix and match instrumental music for young players, but here is mix and match music for teenage voices. The 10 up-tempo folksongs in this collection have been arranged in 5 parts, so that they work well if only 2 voices (S.A.) are available, but they can also incorporate boys voices as well - all the boys singing the bass line which is printed in the bass clef, or using tenors, if you have them, singing one of the alto lines, or even the 2nd soprano part down the octave.

This mix and match concept means that you also have complete freedom over which parts sing together in different sections of the song, so it may also be thought of as 'create your own arrangement', where no 2 perfomances ever need be the same again. To help you keep track of the building blocks of each song, printed on the page are structure boxes, so that you can make a note of your preferred version of the song.

There are also chord symbols so that an accompaniment may be improvised on keyboards/guitars and the whole book is fully photocopiable. This represents GREAT VALUE and enables you to provide printed music for all the singers to see.

Titles include: The Blue Tail Fly, Go Tell it On the Mountain, Pay Me My Money Down, Water Come a Me Eye, Rock-a-my Soul, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Sambalele, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Sandyland & Old Joe Clarke.

Suitable for young teenage up to adult voices.

Spring [Maia Canticle No.2]

Price: 1.50

Words Thomas Nashe. music Douglas Coombes
An evocative setting including bird-calls, offering a satisfying challenge. Works well with chamber or larger choirs. Ideal for festivals.
SATB a cappella.


Price: 4.95

by Douglas Coombes
For Soprabo solo, SATB Choir, Brass Quintet, Organ). This work was commissioned by the Presbyterian Church of Paoli in Pennsylvania, USA., where it was first performed in 2000. It has since received performances in the UK. Douglas Coombes¹s music is both tuneful and rhythmically strong with episodes of quiet reflection as well as sheer dance-like joyfulness. The work is written in a single movement.
Scored for an accompaniment of brass quintet, timpani and keyboard, it is also effective with organ only if forces do not permit the larger group.
English text ­ 56pp. Duration approx. 18 minutes.
Vocal score ­ price £4.95.
Instrumental parts available on hire only.

To listen to a performance CLICK HERE

Three Latin Motets

Price: 4.95

Written for the Manteliusensemble of Hasselt, Belgium and their conductor Jos Cuppens
This 3-movement work offers challenge and reward. In Latin.
i Jesu, Rex admirabilis
ii Salve Regina
iii Duo Seraphim

Vocal score Price £4.95
[piano/keyboard accompaniment.]
Demonstration CD also available
Parts for flute, harp & ‘cello on hire only from the publishers.

To Daffodills [Maia Canticle No.4]

Price: 1.50

Words Robert Herrick, music Douglas Coombes
A grateful setting of these well-known Words. Testing piece, suitable for festival classes.
SATB a cappella.

Two Blessings (SATB)

Price: 1.95

Words Traditional
music by Douglas Coombes
A Celtic Blessing (Deep Peace. . )
Day by Day
Published together, these 2 blessings are ideal for liturgical or secular occasions when moments of beauty, peace and reflection are called for. Deep Peace was performed by the composer's choir at Ground Zero in New York, Spring 2002 and elsewhere on their USA tour, after which, requests for the music were numerous.
Easy/Moderate difficulty. Piano/keyboard accompaniment.

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Price: 2.25

for SSAATTBB choir & organ

by John Eady

This is a brand new setting of the 13th Century latin text, Veni Sancte Spiritus, sometimes called the Golden Sequence. This sequence is prescribed in the Roman Liturgy for the Masses of Pentecost and its liturgical octave, exclusive of the following Sunday. It is usually attributed to either the thirteenth-century Pope Innocent III or to the Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton, although it has been attributed to others as well. Veni Sancte Spiritus is one of only four medieval Sequences which were preserved in the Missale Romanum published in 1570 following the Council of Trent (1545-63). Before Trent many feasts had their own sequences. It is brought into the 21st Century in this wonderful setting by John Eady, and was the prize-winning entry in the St Paul’s Cathedral International Pentecost Anthem Competition 2012. Choirs who enjoy a challenge will relish

We are the Music-Makers (SATB)

Price: 1.95

Words: Arthur O’Shaughnessy (1844-1891)
Melody by members of the National Association of Choirs Annual Conference 2017
Arranged: Douglas Coombes
In a melody-writing session at the National Association of Choirs (NAC) Annual Conference in 2017, led by Douglas Coombes, the tune for Arthur O-Shaughnessy’s highly optimistic and forward-looking words was composed collaboratively. To enable all members of the NAC to be able to sing the piece, Douglas Coombes has produced three separate arrangements, which in the case of massed forces, can be sung together at the same time – SSA, SATB and TTBB. Each of the arrangements also contains an optional descant in the final verse. A highly lyrical piece with rhythmic under-pinning in the piano part, which is of moderate difficulty.

Welcome to Choral Singing

Welcome to Choral Singing

Price: 5.00

How to survive and make progress in choirs that use sheet music and vocal scores
by Derek Harrison
The author’s intention in producing this booklet is that it will help you enjoy your singing – and it is important that you do. Singing is the stuff of life and can enrich a life beyond measure. This is a wonderful beginner’s guide – it is not so much about showing you how to read music, but more about following the musical map and recognising the road signs. There is quite a lot you need to know about being a member of a choir, whether or not you are a music reader and this little book will more than point you in the right direction if you are completely new to this kind of singing – equally, it will serve as a reminder for those who have sung in a choir for some time. All the sections are really useful and full of good advice, amongst them are ‘What is the conductor doing?’, ‘When to mark the score’, ‘What signs to use’, ‘What is going on in rehearsals?’ and ‘What to do in between rehearsals’ and more besides. There is also a handy glossary to de-mystify many of the terms you may encounter. Derek Harrison is a singer and conductor of wide experience and all his advice is thoroughly practical and reliable, written in an easy-to-read style.


Price: 1.95

Skarbek arranged Douglas Coombes (Unis.+ SATB & piano/keyboard)
With lyrics and musical adaptation by Charlie Skarbek, from the melody used for I vow to thee my country, (by Gustav Holst), World in Union is the theme song for the Rugby World Cup that captures the spirit of international friendship which exists in Rugby Union culture the world over. It has now been taken up much more widely as an inspirational song for all. This arrangement by Douglas Coombes was originally created for the BBC TV Songs of Praise School Choirs of the Year Competition in 2008, and is now available.
It may be seen and heard on You Tube

The World's Redeemer

Price: 6.95

by Douglas Coombes
Vocal score (Narrator, Sop. solo, SATB Choir & Organ). Like the Te Deum this was also commissioned by Paoli Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania, USA and is a work of oratorio proportions, telling the whole of the Easter story, using a variety of texts - including two by the composer (Judas and Betrayed by a kiss). The music is continuous, although the ten choral movements may be sung in isolation as anthems etc. Instead of sung recitative, the narrative is spoken, broadening the opportunities for performance. First performed at Easter 2003 in the USA by the commissioning body.
English text ­ 126pp. Duration approx. 1hr 15mins.

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