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Performance Packs

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Performance Packs by Douglas Coombes

A real boon to both generalist and specialist teachers.Most titles have 7 songs, 2 instrumental pieces and linking narrative (including some dialogue). Performances can be fully costumed with action, or work as concert presentations


Features Include:

  • Teacherís Book (complete with all performing material)
  • Vocal and Percussion parts
  • Melodic Instrumental Part (eg Recorder, Violin, Flute etc.)
  • Recording containing a complete performance as well as accompaniments only

Purchasing a Performance Pack gives you the right to photocopy as much as you wish of that pack, for use in your own school or individual establishment. You MAY NOT TRANSFER the Pack to another school or organisation.

All of the Performance Packs contain highly tuneful music by Douglas Coombes, with clear indications as to how the songs correspond to and link with works of the same name by ‘classical’ composers, thus giving rise to further listening activity if required.

Fantastic Toyshop (The)

Price: £9.95

Is adapted from the story of the ballet La Boutique Fantasque (Rossini/Respighi). Douglas Coombes retells the charming story of toys who come to each other's aid and also rescue the shopkeeper. Suitable for any
time of year - duration about 35 minutes.
Suitable for Infants/lower Juniors. KS1: Scottish Levels A-B.

Jesper & the Hundred Hares

Price: £8.95

Is based on a Scandinavian folk tale. Three brothers are each set the same task, but only Jesper succeeds because he is kind, honest and helpful. Ideal for infants who enjoy the repetition involved in the script as each brother sets out to perform the task and it lends itself to large numbers in the cast if necessary - lots of ants and hares as well as other characters. No separate melodic part for this title, but there are parts for
pitched & unpitched percussion. Duration about 35 minutes.
Suitable Infants, KS1: Scottish Levels A-B.

Legend of the Firebird (The)

Price: £9.95

Is adapted from the Russian legend. The tale tells of a brave young Prince who overcomes the evil forces of Kastchei (a wizard) and his monsters, and how the Prince rescues a beautiful maiden and her friends with the aid of the Firebird herself. Duration about 40 minutes. Suitable Juniors KS 2: Scottish Levels B-C.

Merry Pranks of Till, The

Price: £9.95

The German legends about the mischievous Till Eulenspiegel are brought to life in this music-story. Opportunities for large cast (if required). Till's practical jokes get him into hot water and he sees the error of his ways. Duration about 40 minutes.
Suitable Juniors KS 2: Scottish Levels B-C

Nutcracker & the Mouse King, The

Price: £9.95

Retells the Hoffman tale of Clara's birthday party and what happens afterwards in her dreams. Plenty of opportunities for incorporating lots of children in the form of soldiers, sweets (in the land of sweets) etc. Duration about 35 minutes.
Suitable for infants and juniors. KS 1&2: Scottish Levels B-C.

Miracle of the Christmas Animals, The

Price: £9.95

A charming original story of how a group of unfortunate animals are transformed in various ways by the birth of a baby in their stable. Their own problems are diminished by the help they offer to the Holy family and we see the Christmas story through their eyes. Lends itself well to including large numbers if needed. Ideal for Christmas end-of-term presentation. Duration about 35 minutes.
Suitable Infants/Lower Juniors. KS 1(-2): Scottish Levels B-C.

Scheherazade & Sinbad

Price: £9.95

Is based on some Tales of the Arabian Nights which involve Sinbad the sailor and his exploits, told to the Sultan by Scheherazade. Great swash-buckling stuff and ideal for involving boys especially- lots of sailors and monkeys needed. Sinbad lands on an island which turns out to be a whale, he defeats Dejial the one-eyed monster and outwits The Old Man of the Sea. Plenty of action ! Duration approximately 45 minutes.
Suitable upper Infants and Juniors. KS 1&2: Scottish Levels B-D.

Sorcerer's Apprentice (The)

Price: £9.95

tells the story of the lazy and impetuous Apprentice who gets into difficulties when he disobeys his teacher and takes the easy way out. The broomsticks take over and he can't stop them as they continue to bring water into the kitchen. The Sorcerer comes to his aid in the end and the Apprentice learns his lesson the hard way! A naughty, but loveable cat is also involved in this adaptation.
Duration about 45 minutes. Suitable upper Infants & Juniors. KS 1&2: Scottish Levels B-D.

Young Mozart (The)

Price: £8.95

Looks at the incredible early years (birth to ten) of the young genius - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The songs and instrumental pieces mention historical facts in the young Mozart's life and are all based on melodies actually written by Mozart aged 6 - 9. Not a drama as such, but works well as a concert presentation. Duration approximately 30 minutes.
Suitable for Infants and lower Juniors. KS 1&2: Scottish Levels A-C.

Online Catalogue |  Music Stories |  Performance Packs

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