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Babouska - a musical legend

Price: 5.95

libretto Arthur Scholey, music Donald Swann
Tells the well-known Russian story of the old woman, too busy to journey with the kings to find the Christ Child, who forever after seeks him. This through-composed work, duration about 45 minutes, can involve a large cast if necessary - 3 Kings, servants, villagers, an Angel, chorus and non-singing Nativity characterand Baboushka herself. Can work with treble voices taking the part of the 3 kings if no tenor/baritones available. The opera does not contain the well-known Baboushka song [available in Singalive see "Classroom Music"]. Can be simply staged in theatre or church. Very grateful to sing, broad straightforwarmelodies. Piano part not too demanding.
KS 3+ [Scottish Levels D/E+] Vocal score

Carols of the Elements

Price: 2.50

Carols of the ElementsWords John Emlyn Edwards, music Douglas Coombes4 Christmas carols based on the elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Optional 2nd voice part, melodic instrument, pitched & unpitched percussion, piano accompaniment. Suitable for class or choir/upperJuniors/Middle and up. KS2/3.Scottish Levels C/E

Do-It-Yourself Nativities

Price: 4.95

Words & music Vera Gray
For infant and nursery groups, 3 traditional nativity-musicals - story is told in movement and song. Practical suggestions for movement and staging. Useful Christmas material for the very young. Lots of repetition making for ease of learning and enjoyment.
Nursery & KS1 [Scottish Level A].
How Can I Know?

How Can I Know?

Price: 1.95

words & music by Robert Latham
Unison song with piano/keyboard accompaniment
This is a brand new bouncy, catchy Christmas song. The words pose the question not so much about the truth of the Christmas story, but more about the way in which we celebrate Christmas itself. Ideal for younger singers, as the song has a relatively narrow range, neither going too high, nor too low for developing voices. The piano / keyboard part is also straightforward and chord symbols are also included, should you wish to include guitars etc.
Suitable KS1-2

Lindsay Carol Book

Price: 1.95

Arr.Douglas Coombes10 carols from around the world in 2 parts with chord symbols.Contains:Sleep Safely in the Golden Hay (Spain)The Bagpiper's Carol (Italy)Mary Had a Baby (West Indies)I Wonder as I Wander ( N.Carolina)Star Blaze (by Douglas Coombes)What You Gonna Call Yo' Pretty Little Baby (Spiritual)Shepherds of the Hillside (Venezuela)One Winter's Night (Germany)Shepherd's Leave Your Flocks (Puerto Rico)The Cuckoo Carol (Czechoslovakia)KS2-3 [Scottish Levels C/E]

Miracle of the Christmas Animals, The

Price: 9.95

A charming original story of how a group of unfortunate animals are transformed in various ways by the birth of a baby in their stable. Their own problems are diminished by the help they offer to the Holy family and we see the Christmas story through their eyes. Lends itself well to including large numbers if needed. Ideal for Christmas end-of-term presentation. Duration about 35 minutes.
Suitable Infants/Lower Juniors. KS 1(-2): Scottish Levels B-C.

Percussion Carol (The)

Price: 4.95

Words & music Douglas CoombesDelightful unison carol with parts for melody instruments and unpitched percussion, chord symbols and piano. Suitable for infants and lower juniors, it has Words which are easily learned and memorised. Scope too, for a little bit of improvisation in the instrumental parts which are quite straightforward. Each verse features a different set of percussion instruments. 3 copies of each instrumental part included with the piano score. KS1-2 [Scottish levels A-B/C]

Scatterflock & the Glastonbury Thorn



libretto John Emlyn Edwards, music Douglas Coombes
This music-story, ideal for Christmas, tells of the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea in England and gives a possible explanation of the famous thorn tree, which still survives today in Glastonbury. Scatterflock himself is a rather inefficient shepherd, through whose eyes the story unfolds. Duration about 35 minutes, include7 songs with linking narrative in verse form. Some 2 part singing.
KS 2/3 [Scottish Levels C/E]. PricePiano Score £3.95: Melody edition £1.25


Price: 2.95

1. Star Blaze
2. The Wizard of Winter
Words & music by Douglas Coombes

The first song, Star Blaze is an echo song, which could be used in the context of the Nativity, but can also be used in a secular situation. The Wizard of Winter is a song about "Jack Frost". The Words are easy but not babyish and both songs have a limited vocal range, ideal for younger singers. The piano part is not too diffcult. Ideal material for songs about the seasons.
Suitable KS1&2 (Scottish levels B-C).

Zalzabar - a Christmas Cantata



libretto John Emlyn Edwards, music Douglas Coombes
The traditional Christmas story unfolds through the eyes of a magician-turned-small boy, who finally decides that so-called magic cannot compete with the 'magic' found in everyday life all around us. 7 songs with linking narrative, piano, pitched & unpitched percussion, chord symbols. Good for end-of-term Christmas presentation.
KS1-2 [Scottish Levels A-C].
PriceTeachers's Book £4.95: Pupils' Book £1.50

Online Catalogue |  Christmas Roundup |  Classroom

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