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Curriculum Packs for Active Listening nos. 1, 2 & 3 by DOUGLAS COOMBES

This is a best-selling series of teachers' resources, containing a book and a recording, photocopiable charts, diagrams and worksheets as required. This series enables ALL teachers, even those who do not sing, play or read music, to deliver the elements of the National Curriculum in Music at Key Stages 1 & 2 [Scottish levels A - C]

Curriculum Pack for Active Listening No.1

Price: 12.95

devised and compiled by Douglas Coombes
Both packs have been best sellers ever since they first appeared in 1993. They have been devised by Douglas Coombes, enabling generalist teachers to fulfil the demands of Music in the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 & 2 [Scottish Expressive Arts 5-14, Levels A-C]. Both books are packed full of music games, which any teacher can handle - whether or not they are music specialists.The material is presented in a clear way, with full explanatory notes for the teacher. The Packs are NOT progressive - each one stands on its own with varied selections of games and listening examples. The Packs are different from each other in the selection of games and examples, so if you wish, you can start with Pack No.2.Both Curriculum Packs deal with the main elements of Listening & Appraising - pitch, duration, tempo, texture, dynamics & structure.The CDs in each Pack are designed to help the teacher present a range of musical classroom games which children will find fun and fascinating. Some of the games require charts/diagrams, which can be copied and enlarged from the Teacher's Book. For the short listening examples - taken from well-known classical sources - an electronic keyboard, rather than an orchestra has been used on the recording. This helps to keep the overall Pack price lower, yet provides great variety of timbres (tone colours) which approximate to the orchestral sounds available on commercial recordings widely available, should it be decided to pursue more extended listening as follow-up.KS 1&2 [Scottish Levels A-C]

Curriculum Pack for Active Listening No.2

Price: 12.95

Curriculum Pack for Active Listening No.3

Price: 13.95

devised and compiled by Douglas CoombesThis third Curriculum Pack in the best-selling series is the most recent to appear and is devoted to Key Stage 1 activities solely, dealing with all the areas specified by the National Curriculum in Music - pitch, volume, pulse, duration, tempo, texture, as well as a fun-with-a-purpose approach to poems and, as in Packs 1 and 2, a chapter of classical listening examples - 25 short extracts in all taken from classical music - which encourage children to listen with specific goals. There are games on each aspect, explained in depth which are easily followed in the book and on the CDs. Devised with non-specialist teachers in mind, the music specialist will also find it a real time-saver with everything readily to hand in the book and on the CDs. Music co-ordinators, too, will find this publication ideal to hand on to colleagues who have no musical experience. There are charts and worksheets which may be photocopied and opportunities for the children to incorporate cuddly toys into many of the games. Suitable KS1[Levels A-B].

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