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Unison / Optional 2 Part

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Advent Carol

Price: 1.50

Words Hilary Porritt. music David Porritt. Arr. Douglas Coombes
A recent carol which goes with a gentle swing. Tuneful, with easy-to-understand Words, makes it ideal for young singers. It is sure to become a real favourite. An optional descant is included, but it can work effectively when sung throughout in unison. A straightforward piano part lends great colour and interest.
Suitable Lower Juniors and upwards

All in the Morning

Price: 1.50

Words traditional, music by Douglas Coombes
A joyful, bouncy Christmas carol with piano accompaniment. The refrain is a canon and eventually gets into 3 parts. Great fun to sing and ideal for quick teaching so audiences can join in too!
Suitable Lower Juniors through to adults.

Away in a Manger

Away in A Manger


Price: Choral leaflet £1.50. Orchestral accompaniment Set £6.95

Kirkpatrick, arr.Douglas Coombes
A beautiful arrangement of this old favourite. Unison with descant and piano accompaniment. Orchestral accompaniment also available - 2 Fl; 2 Cl; 2Hn; Glock. & Strings.
Minimum playing standard around Grade 5.

Carols of the Elements

Price: 2.50

Words John Emlyn Edwards, music Douglas Coombes
4 Carols based on the elements - Earth, Air, Fire & Water. Optional 2nd voice part, melodic instrument, pitched & unpitched perc., piano accompaniment. Effective with piano only.
Suitable for treble and ladies choirs.

Christmas Children (The)

Price: 1.50

Words John Emlyn Edwards, music Douglas Coombes
Since first appearing in BBC¹s Singing Together this carol has been in great demand. Suitable for junior, middle, secondary & adults, this is typical of Douglas Coombes' rhythmic, tuneful style. A must for any Christmas concert. Chorus has optional 2nd part. Piano accompaniment. Suitable for lower juniors through to adult.
Orchestral accompaniment -score & parts on hire only.
How Can I Know?

How Can I Know?

Price: 1.95

words & music by Robert Latham
Unison song with piano/keyboard accompaniment
This is a brand new bouncy, catchy Christmas song. The words pose the question not so much about the truth of the Christmas story, but more about the way in which we celebrate Christmas itself. Ideal for younger singers, as the song has a relatively narrow range, neither going too high, nor too low for developing voices. The piano / keyboard part is also straightforward and chord symbols are also included, should you wish to include guitars etc.
Suitable KS1-2

Jesus is Born

Price: 1.95

Words & music Adrian Stark
This is a recent carol, written in a 'rock' style. Children of all ages will enjoy the rhythmic drive of this piece and its real contemporary feel. The piano part is not too difficult. There is a descant in the coda as extra 'spice' if forces permit, but effective nevertheless if you cannot run to two parts.
Suitable for junior & senior choirs.

Sing with us, Share our joy

Price: 1.95

Words David Hilliam, music Douglas Coombes
This carol was written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Bournemouth Schools' Music Association Annual Carol Festival. It has all the hallmarks of Douglas Coombes' music - plenty of rhythmic interest, coupled with singable and memorable melody. The carol has a multi-purpose look, as it is scored for unison with optional S.A. and optional S.A.T.B. However it is great if sung in unison only. The message of the Words is to tell everyone, wherever they are, be it at work, play or even doing the shopping, that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus. The piano part is of moderate difficulty.
Suitable for all ages including adults. [Orchestral accompaniment . available on hire.]

The Three Kings

Price: 1.95

Douglas Coombes Words: 15th century Anon.
A carol for choir & piano Although this Christmas song eventually diverges into 3 parts, the first verse is largely in unison and the second is a form of canon, with a descant in the third. It therefore lends itself to being sung in unison only, if you cannot manage the extra parts. The Words are old English and tell of the visitation of the Kings to the manger. The piano part (not too difficult), makes great use of a marching bass line which gives a majesty and power to the music.
Suitable for upper K.S.2 & upwards/Scottish Level D & upwards

Up! Good Christen Folk

Price: 1.50

Words G.R.Woodward, melody from Piae Cantiones arr. Douglas Coombes
This arrangement brings fresh interest to this long time favourite. Unison vocal line divides into 2 for echo effect in introductions. Straightforward piano accompaniment.
Suitable from juniors through to adults.

Whole World¹s Singing of Bethlehem (The)

Price: 1.95

Words: Sean Street, music: Douglas Coombes
Unison with optional second part and descant with piano accompaniment, this is written in Douglas Coombes' highly tuneful and rhythmic style. It is sure to be a hit with singers and audience alike. If you enjoyed The Christmas Children then you will also immediately take to this new Christmas carol. The directness of the Words makes this carol suitable for a very wide age-range - simple enough for KS1 yet not too young for even 13/14 year olds.
Suitable KS1+ through to adults: Scotland Levels A-E and adults.

Online Catalogue |  Christmas Roundup |  Unison / Optional 2 Part

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